Best Earbuds Under $100

If you like earbuds and you want your music to sound amazing then you probably have a tough time choosing the best product for you. Given the fact that you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you’re hunting for the best earbuds under $100, and you’re confused and maybe a bit frustrated. Don’t worry; you’ve reached the right place! We too love affordable earbuds that deliver high quality of sound and are comfortable to wear.

We know the market is saturated with offers, but this is a good thing. This creates competition between manufacturers and they must improve their products within the same price range if they want to survive. Actually, the last few years were very good for the regular users as most of the best earbuds under $100 have professional features. Manufacturers started paying more attention on the sound quality and user’s comfort and this led to a lot of great products that can be acquired by someone on a budget.

So, are you ready to learn more about what makes earbuds so great? We browsed through the best products on the market and managed to find the best 5 earbuds that promise a fantastic musical experience. Below there is a short review of these 5 products so you’ll know what to expect.

5 Best Earbuds Under $100 Comparison Chart

Bose SoundTrueIn-line
Microphone &
Shure SE215-KNone$$4.1
Thinksound MS01None$$4.3
Sennheiser Momentum In-EarIn-line
Microphone &
Klipsch R6iIn-line
Remote &
Voice Control

How to Find High-Quality & Affordable Earbuds

We can count ourselves lucky as we no longer live in a world where a decent pair of earbuds costs half our paycheck. Nowadays, the market is flooded with various affordable models, each bringing their own set of great characteristics. So, now that you have the budget set, you also must find out the type of earbuds you need.

Below we’ll discuss a series of features that will definitely help you find the right headphones for your needs.

Sound Quality

Your current budget won’t get you a set of professional headphones, but that’s OK. You will still be able to get some pretty interesting earbuds that sound great and create a fantastic sound experience. You can get a pair of earbuds that develops quite a powerful bass like the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear model or you can find a pair that offers a balanced experienced like the Thinksound ms01 model.

The budget shouldn’t discourage you in looking for the best sound quality possible! There are many earbuds models out there that will fit your sound quality needs. All you have to do is look for them.

Noise Isolation

Most earbuds are capable of offering passive noise cancellation due to the ear tip that snuggles in your ear. As long as you find a pair of earbuds that fit in your ear canal perfectly, you will manage to isolate the outside noises. Actually, this is one of the main conditions when it comes to sound quality as well. Even expensive earbuds are conditioned by this seal.

So, if you want to make sure you will be able to listen to your favorite tunes in a bus full of people, make sure to purchase earbuds that promote high-quality materials for their tips. Even better, only purchase models that come with at least 3 ear tip sizes.

The best example, in this case, is the Klipsch R6i model which comes equipped with an oval-shaped ear tip. This helps the tip fit perfectly in the human ear.

Design & Comfort

When it comes to design, earbuds offer a series of colors and shapes and it’s easy to choose a pair that fits your personality. Out of the models we will discuss bellow, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear are the most elegant (in our opinion). With a combination of dark red and black, these earbuds are quite attractive.

In terms of comfort, things are simple: these earbuds must fit perfectly in your ear canal and you shouldn’t feel their weight hanging on the ear tips. A good example in this area is the Shure SE215-K model which, due to its innovative design, seems almost weightless.


Now, what type of features you could get for such a budget? Well, most affordable earbuds are quite equipped if you ask us. Some support an inline remote control which allows you to control the order of the tracks, volume level, and answer calls without taking out the phone. Others, are equipped with removable cables (in case something happens with the old ones), so you won’t have to get rid of the whole thing.

The best feature however, is their compatibility. Most models out there are compatible with all modern devices like smartphones (Android, iOS, or Windows), tablets, MP3 players, or PCs.


The price should not be the one deciding the type of earbuds you get, but there are many high-quality models that offer amazing characteristics in an affordable budget. The models we will be discussing below are the best examples.

Top 5 Best Earbuds Under $100

Bose SoundTrue

First of all, we loved that they come in more than one option of color. The Bose SoundTrue offers you the possibility to choose between black, white, red, blue and white, blue and green with some white on them. The overall design is very smooth and elegant, fact that makes them great to wear during business online conferences, at the office, or anywhere else you want.

Bose SoundTrue

One cute thing that most of you will appreciate is the color-matching carrying case. This is perfect for protection and storing the earbuds in the bag or pocket without losing them or tangling the wires.

The Bose SoundTrue headphones are quite versatile. They can be easily connected with a series of modern devices. You can connect them with your smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet, iPad, iPod or MP3 player and simply enjoy the music or make calls. All these actions are possible due to the inline remote control that is easily accessible. This remote is small and lightweight so you won’t even feel it as an added weight. Even so, it has 3 buttons on it and an integrated microphone that allow you to change the tracks and answer calls.

Moving on to comfort level, the Bose SoundTrue uses Stay Hear tips that stay securely in place. The tips are made out of pliable silicone with a soft texture and a shape that fits perfectly in your ear. Even more, the entire build is lightweight so they won’t be pulling the ear buds out of your ears.

Now, for what matters the most: the sound quality. Bose SoundTrue earbuds are designed to deliver professional sound quality using the TriPort technology. The delivered sound is natural, with clear vocals and the bass is punchy without being blown out. So, if you’re looking for the best earbuds under $100, the SoundTrue from Bose may be the perfect choice.

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Shure SE215-K

The feature we loved the most on these earbuds is the detachable cable! Yes, they allow you to simple remove the wire out of the ear tip for a better storage or for replacement. Even better, the cables are designed with Wireform Fit technology, which makes them flexible and resistant during transportation. Otherwise the design is pretty simple and straight forward, as anyone would expect from a pair of earbuds.

Shure SE215-K

The SE215-K in-ear headphones are delivered with a carrying case (for extra convenience and protection) and a series of soft, flexible sleeves for everyone’s ears. These sleeves have the main purpose of isolating the sound and blocking the outside noise so you can enjoy a full musical experience. In order to achieve this musical Nirvana, you would have to fit the ear tips properly inside the ear canal.

The entire product is lightweight and the optimized nozzle angle allows you to wear them comfortably without worrying they will fall off.

The sound quality speaks about studio headphones. You will be able to enjoy an enhanced bass with detailed, rich sounds. The bass, mids, and highs are perfectly balanced and there is no sound distortion regardless of your volume level.

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Thinksound ms01

Simple, yet extremely effective and highly professional – this is the description that comes to mind when you first lay eyes on these babies. They may be small, but they promote an 8mm driver for an enhanced sound experience. The Thinksound ms01 manage to bring high studio quality directly in your ears!

Thinksound ms01

If you knew that they were created by an audio engineer in collaboration with several Grammy-winning producers and musicians, then you would probably understand the level of quality we’re talking about. But enough with the praises, let’s talk a little bit about design and build!

The Thinksound ms01 are extremely lightweight and support passive noise cancellation due to the comfortable ear tip that snuggles into your ear. The cables are PVC-free and resistant to tangling while the wood housing (for better sound accuracy) is hand-crafted. In the box you will also find a cotton pouch for carrying, four sets of ear sleeves for the most comfortable fitting, and Active Life Style Ear Hooks for when you’re wearing them to the gym. They do look good on you, regardless of outfit! The wood case improves your look and shows you care about high-quality sound and the environment.

When it comes to sound, you should expect nothing less than high studio quality. The details in sound are amazing with these earbuds and they manage to reproduce great highs, clear mids, and a robust bass. Professionals wear these in-ear headphones to concerts while performing on stage because they allow them to hear all the subtle details that even more expensive over-the-ear headphones miss.

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Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

Nothing on this world talks more about elegance like the black and red combination. Add in a bit of metallic gray and high-quality build and you’ve got yourself a fantastic looking product! The design in the Sennheiser Momentum was thought to create comfort which means all the materials used are of premium quality. Even more, the cables have an oval shape which allows them to be tangle-free regardless of storage place.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

These in-ear headphones go great with an office life where you need to look sharp all day long. You can use them with your phone to make calls and participate in video conferences. The inline remote control offers you complete control over your music and call making decisions.

Each headphone is delivered with a protective carrying case and 4 different ear sleeves for that perfect fit. This also enhances their natural tendency to isolate the outside noise and create and intimate, personal listening experience.

The sound is supported by stainless steel housing and a dynamic transducer with wide 18-ohm bandwidth. This helps produce a powerful bass (without being overwhelming) with low distortions when the volume is to the maximum. The sound experience is completed by smooth mids and extended highs.

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Klipsch R6i

The design is quite simple for these in-ear buds. I could actually say they look more sportive than elegant, but this is a judgment call. They can be used for both music listening and making calls especially considering the inline remote. There are 3 buttons that allow you to either switch through songs or answer calls.

Klipsch R6i

One great feature that impressed us is the built-in microphone. Unlike other models, this one supports background noise isolation so your voice will sound clear at the other end.

In terms of comfort, they can be worn for hours without even feeling them. This is due to the special ear tip that has a bit of an oval shape in order to fit perfectly in the human ear canal. This shape is proprietary to Klipsch.

The special ear tip is not used just for comfort. It also provides great passive noise isolation and an enhanced, heavy bass which is quite amazing. The treble is not too dynamic and you can hear almost every little sound detail if the recording is of high quality. All-in-all, the Klipsch R6i manage to deliver better comfort and sound quality than you would’ve expected from any of the best earbuds under $100.

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In Conclusion

Hoping that our products are helpful in easing up the search for the best earbuds under $100, the final conclusion is that regardless of your budget, there are great products out there. You just need to know what to look for.

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