Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

Why would anyone want to know about the best wireless gaming headsets on the market knowing that they usually can’t compare with their counterpart wired models?

There are three major problems that make you think twice when acquiring a wireless model. Usually, the first problem is represented by the battery. These usually die when you expect less. If you’re a serious gamer, who plays long missions then you know how important it is to have continuity in the game.

Next, there is the latency produced by a bad wireless connection. This one is extremely annoying and has the capability to ruin your game experience. After all these, wireless headsets are more expensive than wired ones, so why would you want to know about the best wireless gaming headsets?

Well, the wireless headsets have evolved quite a lot and the problems described above were solved. Nowadays, for the correct price, you can buy wireless headsets that don’t have problems with the battery and exhibit no latency at all. Even more, you get rid of those pesky wires that didn’t allow you to play your favorite game from bed.

Sadly, manufacturers don’t focus their efforts in creating enough wireless headsets for gaming. There are a few dozen models out there, but not all of them are superior quality products. You don’t just need high quality of sound for gaming, you also need comfort and a great build. The following 5 products fulfill these criteria and can be considered as being the best on the market (for now).

5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Comparison Chart

SteelSeries HPC, Mac, PS3, PS4,
Xbox 360 &
Mobile Devices

With Adapter:
Xbox One
ASTRO Gaming A50PC, Mac, PS3, PS4,
Xbox One &
Xbox 360
Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930PC, Mac & PS4$$3.4
Corsair H2100PC & Mac$$$3.5
Skullcandy PLYR1PC, Mac, PS3, PS4,
Xbox One,
Xbox 360 &
Mobile Devices

Top 5 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets

SteelSeries H

Comfy and attractive, the SteelSeries H is one interesting model of wireless gaming headset. The padded design offers a great fit for long hours and the ear cups are capable of high-quality passive noise isolation. They have a lot of interesting features, but the most important one that put them on our list of best wireless gaming headsets is the 20 hour battery. The package is delivered with two Li-Ion batteries that can be hot swapped. This creates the precedent for unlimited gaming without any interruptions.

SteelSeries H

Another feature that caught our attention is the 7.1 Dolby Digital virtual surround sound system. The SteelSeries H manages to deliver clear audio quality with amazing mid and high tones. The bass seems to be a bit subdued and the volume can seem a bit underpowered, but these will not have a negative effect over your gaming experience.

The microphone is retractable and can be easily hidden when listening to music for example. Even more, the on-ear-cup controls allow you to adjust the volume level, and navigate through most used settings from your couch.

These headphones are known to have the lowest latency in the industry. The manufacturer implemented a clever system that hops through frequencies continuously in order to circumvent interference. In terms of compatibility, they will work with PS3 and 4, Xbox 360, Apple TV, PC or Mac, Roku, and mobile devices.

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ASTRO Gaming A50 

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, these gorgeous headphones were created to be paired with your PS4 console. Still, due to the included A50 Built in MixAmp, these headphones are compatible with most of the major platforms (PS3, Mac, Pc, or mobile gaming platforms).

ASTRO Gaming A50

The design is absolutely astonishing and the combination between metal, high quality plastic and leather speaks about a product of the best possible quality. They feel good over your head and the memory foam padded ear cups manage to offer superior passive noise isolation. Also, the hinges allow for a perfect fit over the head, so they’ll feel amazing even after a few hours long gaming marathon. Given the fact that the battery should hold you about 12 hours, there’s nothing to stop you from gaming all night long.

The microphone is unidirectional and successfully manages to isolate your voice from any background noises. This way, your team mates will hear you loud and clear. Also, you won’t feel any lag between the action in the game and the sound in your ears. This is due to the Kleernet 5.8 GHz technology used in the USB dongle delivered with the package. Astro decided to go with a higher frequency than most wireless devices to avoid any interference and offer a high level of clarity.

Astro boasts about their amazing sound system specially designed for and with professional gamers and audio designers. On tests, the Dolby 7.1 managed to deliver amazing special positioning and the bass proved to be punchy and rich enough to create a pleasant gaming atmosphere. Even more, the A50 is equipped with 3 equalizer settings that allow you to personalize the sound experience.

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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

The first thing you’ll love about these headphones is their rugged design. The almost square ear cups and the padded head band suggest a comfortable fit that allows for extended missions anywhere, anytime. And tests demonstrated this to be right. The headband is padded with memory foam for a stable fit over the head without any unnecessary pressure. The cushion in the ear pads is thick enough to offer pretty good passive noise isolation and still feel comfortable over the ears after long hours of gaming.

Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930

One feature we absolutely loved is the G-keys. These are programmable keys placed on the left cup that can be customized to perform any command you want. For example, you could set them to control music and chat. You will need to install the Logitech software for this though.

The Logitech G930 model is equipped with a powerful USB adapter for a 2.4 GHz connection. This means there will be no lag between the game and your headset. Everything will work in sync.

Like any gaming headsets that mean business, the sound on the G930 is delivered by Dolby with 7.1 sound channels. This will help you feel right in the middle of the action and you’ll know exactly the direction the enemy is coming from. The sound is generally crisp and clear with good bass, but at high volume levels you’ll hear some distortions. This however won’t affect your gaming experience.

To be able to have good conversations with your team mates, you’ll need them to hear you loud and clear. This is why the G930 is equipped with a mic that only picks up your voice and leaves the background noise behind. The boom can be easily muted by raising the arm up.

The battery is powerful enough to resist for about 10 hours between charges and you have the possibility to charge them while in use. These headphones can be connected with any device running Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

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Corsair H2100

If you want to be completely immersed in the gaming experience, the H2100 are the headphones to try! Equipped with multi-channel audio supported by Dolby 7.1 surround you’ll be able to appreciate with extreme accuracy everyone’s position. The sound is delivered through 50mm neodymium drivers so you’ll be able to appreciate this headset’s power to the maximum. The bass is deep and satisfying, without any distortion on high volume levels.

Corsair H2100

A quick peek at the design and you know why the H2100 were included in our top 5 best wireless gaming headsets. They were designed to be light and balanced while wearing, and the memory foam in the head band and ear pads molds them over your head’s shape. They are so comfortable that you wouldn’t want to take them off! And you won’t have to as the battery will hold about 10 hours between charges. You can also use the included USB wire to charge them while in use.

The unidirectional, noise-cancelling mic is very useful when talking with the team over the sound of the game. Even more, they are delivered with a USB dongle that will provide the necessary 2.4 GHz connectivity for a no lag experience. The signal remains strong over a distance of 40 feet which is great if you want to play from your bed.

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Skullcandy PLYR1

Astonishingly beautiful and elegant, the Skullcandy PLYR1 will definitely impress your gamer senses. They feel very comfortable and the smooth padding is designed to fit any type of head shape. The big ear cups are covered with thick padding that will offer great passive noise isolation, keeping the outside sounds out of your gaming experience.

Skullcandy PLYR1

They operate on the 2.4GHz spectrum for no latency and great synchronization with the game. To make sure you get to enjoy the game from the couch, the headset has its own controls for adjusting the sound volume and other functionalities.

The Skullcandy PLYR1 model is designed to offer a complete audio experience with a powerful bass and supreme high and mid tones. The Dolby 7.1 Surround sound creates an amazing audio map of your enemies, allowing you to get closer without being seen or heard. They support various equalizer settings for various situations (gaming, listening to music or watching movies).

The mic is professional and can be easily positioned according to your needs. Flip it up and the mic will go automatically in mute mode.

This wireless gaming headset is quite versatile as it can be easily paired with Xbox 360, PS3 and 4, Pc and Mac, mobile devices and MP3 players. You also shouldn’t worry about the battery as it will last about 10 hours between charges.

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In Conclusion

The best wireless gaming headsets may be a bit more expensive but they give you freedom from cables. So, if you want to start an all-night-long gaming marathon and you want to feel comfortable too, it’s time to consider one of these top 5 products.

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