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Best Workout Headphones

You lack motivation during workouts and you don’t know how to remedy that? Specialists say that music works wonders during physical exercise, but it must be music you like and appreciate. We found this to be true, which is why we’re going to talk about the best workout headphones today.

We know that nothing destroys your concentration more than having to adjust your headphones mid-workout. Just imagine how frustrating it would be to have your headphones slip off your head during a deadlift. You can almost feel the rage, right?

To make sure nothing like this happens to you, we tested a series of headphones and we chose the best workout headphones out of the best. We considered criteria like comfort during workouts, stability during movement, resistance to sweat and humidity, endurance and durability. All these put together make a fine product that you can use and control during your workouts regardless of how powerful and energetic they might be.

So, out of the best, we chose 6 headphones that deserve your attention. Continue reading if you want to know more about each product. Who knows? Maybe your search for the best workout headphones will end here.

6 Best Workout Headphones Comparison Chart

ModelBattery LifePriceRating
Jaybird X28 hours$$$3.9
Plantronics BackBeat Fit8 hours$$4.2
66 Audio BTS+25 hours$$3.9
Bose IE2Wired$$4.4
Powerbeats 26 hours$$$3.9
Photive PH-BTE706 hours$$4.1

Top Features That Matter When Choosing Workout Headphones

If you like listening to music while working out, you know by now that not just any headphones can be used for workouts. There are a series of features that you must take into consideration in order to make sure the headphones will stay in place and are resistant enough to survive hits and bumps.

So, are you ready to look for the best headphones for working out? Let’s see the complete list of features that make a pair of headphones good for sportive activities, then.

Comfortable Fit

Well, the first aspect to consider is the fit. Regardless of the fact that you like on-ear or in-ear headphones, they must stay in place. Otherwise, if the earbud keeps popping out or the headband keeps falling off, you’ll get distracted and the workout will be ruined.

Many producers feature a special design that allows the headphones to offer both comfort and a stable fit. These are usually an ear hook, fins that fixate the earbud inside the ear or a memory wire that you can shape according to your needs. The best examples that follow this pattern are the Powerbeats 2 and the Bose IE2.

Sweat Resistance

Sweating is a big part of your workouts and this means the headphones will definitely be exposed to some extra humidity. Even more, if you like running outside, you may encounter a few rainy days. To prevent any malfunction due to increased humidity, producers use special designs and coatings that repel water and keep the electronics safe.

In this case, the Jaybird X2 headphones are the best example as they are delivered with a lifetime guarantee when it comes to sweat.


Every active person knows that intense workouts are not about gentle moves and care towards your accessories. That’s why a pair of workout headphones must be resistant to shocks, falls, bumps, and hits. Our recommendation is to consider wireless headphones as you won’t have to worry about wires tangling in your gym bag or around your neck.

Battery Life

If you decided to go wireless, the battery life is another important feature to consider. Most high-quality wireless headphones will offer somewhere around 6 to 8 hours of continuous music play and phone calls. Thus, you’ll be able to work out for as long as you like and still have some juice left for the rest of the day (or for the next round).

With a good battery life, you only have to make sure you stay in the range and you can work out while your phone rests on a shelf or remains in the bag.

Sound Quality

In the end, let’s talk about sound quality. In order to achieve that level of motivation and get all the benefits these headphones can offer, you will need high audio quality. Actually, most users recommend looking for a pair that punches a great bass so you can synchronize with the rhythm.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about sound quality when choosing between wired and Bluetooth models. The quality is the same nowadays.

Top 6 Best Workout Headphones

Jaybird X2

It’s almost normal to go with a pair of Bluetooth headphones when you’re thinking about sportive activities. They help you get free from wires which is fantastic, especially when you’re at the gym lifting weights or when you’re practicing an active game like tennis or handball.

Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 headphones are an in-ear model and they were designed to fit extremely well in your ears. This and the absence of cables, promises you nothing will pull on your ears during running or jogging. You could actually run an entire marathon with these in your ears without feeling any discomfort at all.

When we say running a marathon, we also consider the battery. According to manufacturer’s specifications, you can enjoy your favorite music for about 8 hours before having to recharge. You can also take calls during this time without having to look at your phone once. This is due to the inline remote control that allows you to skip songs and answer calls.

To make sure they won’t pop out of your ears, the Jaybird X2 headphones are equipped with secure over / under ear fit options. Also, they are delivered with a collection of extra ear fins and different size memory foam and silicone ear tips.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about sweat damages. They are delivered with lifetime sweat-proof warranty. For protection, they come with a silicone sport carrying case that fits easily in your pocket.

The Jaybird X2 can be easily paired with any device that supports Bluetooth and they manage to deliver a clear, beautiful sound with clean bass and good mids and highs.

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 

We liked these headphones because there are no loose wires at all. There’s nothing to jump up and down your neck or move around when you turn your head left to right. Even more, they are completely flexible so they’ll fit perfectly on any head size.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Because they are made for runners and other athletes who tend to work outside, their build allows you to hear the sounds around you. This is a safety measure that will prevent you from getting run over by a car or hit by a biker.

The headphones are delivered with an armband so you can keep your smartphone close without being bothered by it. The smartphone will also show you how much battery you have left in your headphones using a very stylish and modern battery meter. Still, you don’t have to worry too much about it. The battery is designed to resist about 8 hours between charges and the DeepSleep mode will kick in when the headphones are not connected or out of range.

The BackBeat Fit model is among the best workout headphones because they fit great around your head and they are completely sweat proof. During manufacturing, when the headset is complete, they are sprayed with an invisible, protective nano-coating that is designed to repel water. This means you can sweat or run through the rain as much as you like.

Another thing we loved about the BackBeat Fit model is the way the controls are placed. You get small control buttons on each earbud and all you have to do is reach your ear to change the track or answer a call.

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66 Audio BTS+

These are definitely bigger than anything we’ve discussed up until now, but why should size matter? They look amazing on you and there are no cables to bother you. The best part is that they can be easily put inside a pocket or a small purse without messing them up.

66 Audio BTS+

The BTS+ model is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0and can be paired with any device that supports this type of connection. This includes iPads, iPhones, smartwatches, Android phones & tablets, and more. After the connection has been established, you can either enjoy your favorite music or you can make calls. All the necessary controls are placed on the left ear cup allowing you to reach them regardless of the fact that you’re on a bike or on the bus. We loved the fact that you can connect with 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time. This way, you don’t have to store your music on your phone anymore.

Given the fact that the ear cups are a bit bigger, producers could add a more powerful battery. This helps the BTS+ stay on for over 25 hours of continuous playback and calls! The coolest part is that it only takes 2 hours to charge.

All good up until now, but how is the sound? Well, you shouldn’t worry about this either. The BTS+ manage to deliver high-quality sound with clear mids and highs and an acceptable bass. Given the fact that you can’t create a tight seal like with an earbud, the bass response may seem a bit damped, but otherwise they sound great.

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Bose IE2

Just like any earbuds designed for a good workout, the Bose IE2 is equipped with extra ear fins that secure them tight. The StayHear silicone tips are actually designed by Bose so you won’t find them on any other brands. The great part about these buds is that they take the shape of the ear and they snuggle inside your ear canal. This means they won’t fall off during running or weight lifting.

Bose IE2

To make sure everyone can get a piece, the silicone tips come in 3 different sizes. This means your future workouts will definitely sound better!

According to Bose, the IE2 model is more durable than any of their workout models up until now. They used modern materials and they upped their testing procedures to make sure they manage to deliver a high quality product.

As you probably know by now, these are not wireless headphones and you need to connect them directly to your MP3 player, smartphone or any other device you own. Having a cable shouldn’t be an inconvenient because you don’t rely on a battery anymore. You can use them whenever and wherever you want. Even better, the cable is built to be flexible and resistant to wear and tear.

The sound is absolutely amazing and natural, features that are rare with earbuds. Producers usually focus on delivering a punchy bass but with Bose IE2 you get a rich audio performance with clear tonalities and good mids and highs (with a punchy bass, of course).

We liked them for being lightweight, flexible, and ready to go at any time.

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Powerbeats 2

Leaving aside the fact that they look amazing and that they are famous, the Powerbeats 2 is the perfect headset you want when working out. The ear hooks allow you to securely fit them in your ears and the cool, unmistakable design allows your friends to envy you for having such cool buds.

Powerbeats 2

They are lightweight and very easy to mount on your ears. The ear hooks are adjustable so anyone can fit them tight and secure. Once you’ve got the right fit, you’ll never have to deal with adjusting them again. We actually enjoyed the fact that there are no extra earbuds to lose around the house or in your gym backpack. You simply adjust the hooks and move on with your life.

The wireless connection can be maintained for up to 30 feet so you can leave the phone in one room and workout or continue your call in another room. Even better, the battery will keep things going for about 6 hours. This is impressing considering their size. The cool part is that it only takes 15 minutes to charge for an extra hour of fun.

These are on our best workout headphones list due to their anti-sweat features. Nothing can stop you from being focused and on top of your training with the Powerbeats 2! We loved the fact that the remote control is wrapped with a textured material that doesn’t slip even if your hands are wet.

When it comes to sound quality, they are nothing less than impressive! Equipped with dual-driver acoustics, the Powerbeats 2 manage to deliver spectacular sound with clean highs and mids and a deep bass.

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Photive PH-BTE70

Small and very easy to tuck in any pocket, the PH-BTE70 model is quite interesting. The adjustable ear hook allows you to create a secure fitting. The cool part is that once you found the right position, you can make sure nothing will make them leave their place (without your will of course).

Photive PH-BTE70

These headphones were designed for intense workouts as they are completely sweat proof. You can even run in the rain while listening to your most favorite tunes! The interesting part is that the battery will give you up to 6 hours of continuous playtime before they need charging.

The sound is fantastic with a deep bass and clear highs and mids that transform your workouts into a great musical experience. Once you have these headphones, you won’t be able to say you’re not focused anymore.

Producers even managed to fit in 3 little buttons on the left earbud that allow you to answer calls and move to tracks without taking the phone out of its hiding.

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In Conclusion

As you can see, there are lots of headphones that can be used during your workouts. Wireless or not, earbuds or over the ear, the best workout headphones don’t need to follow a certain type. You just need to find the best product for you.

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